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Santor - Σχετικά με εμάς

The “C. SANTORINAIOS & SONS” is now a proven company that is active in the sector of the construction of public and private projects.

It constitutes the continuation of their father’s personal company CHRISTODOULOS SANTORINAIOS that specialized in construction works and erection of blocks of flats starting in 1955. Since then it has established a dynamic presence in the construction sector, that has offered the company more than five decades of experience and reliability. Today it continues its operation under the direction of the two sons, John and Michael Santorineos.

The company’s object is the construction of private and public technical projects of any kind, concrete construction and construction of blocks of flats.

The company within its longstanding experience has contributed in the construction of a multitude of large technical public and private projects. It has completed as a contractor multi-storey buildings for flats, as well as mansions and large private projects such as stores, office buildings, commercial centers, gyms, congregation rooms (cinemas, churches), industrial and craft industry installations, storage areas logistics, large and small housing complexes, supermarkets, hotel units and a variety of other projects. It has participated, to a great extent, in the construction of the large infrastructure projects of the country and in the Olympic Games: stadiums, bridges, the Athens Metro, the Thessaloniki Metro, technical projects in large Greek highways etc.

The company’s mechanical gear consists of high-level contemporary equipment. Together with its specialized and experienced personnel, engineers, foremen, operators and craftsmen, and through its long-term collaborations, it undertakes the construction of public and private projects with decisive success, guaranteed quality, and confidence for the implementation of the most demanding projects.

About us

"C. SANTORINAIOS & SONS" is a well established company active in the construction of public and private projects. Since its establishment in 1955, it has a dynamic presence in the field of construction, which has offered it over five decades of experience and reliability.



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  • 97 Lochagou Gkanoyianni str., Zografou 15773, Greece
  • +30 210 7775198
  • +30 210 7717532
  • info@santor.gr

C. Santorinaios & Sons

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